YOU can help make the world nice TODAY:

See what needs a local homeless shelter has.

Donate some needed items.

Volunteer some time.

We want to hear your stories and let everyone know that, despite what they might be used to hearing, there is so much good happening all over the world.  Our goal is to help those doing good with their missions.  

Submit your own stories at the bottom of the page!               (IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE NICE WHO WOULD BE A GOOD WORLD NICE RECIPIENT,                                                                                                                             NOMINATE THEM BY FILLING OUT A NOMINATION FORM...)                      

Here's an idea that could really have a positive impact on yourself and on the world:

Have a NON-JUDGMENTAL discussion with someone of a different faith or no faith.

You do most of the listening.  Ask respectful questions so you can better understand their point of view.

Take them out to dinner or have them over to your house for a meal.

Do what works for you!  Take small steps every day to make the world nicer and to challenge yourself and your presuppositions. 

Making the world nice doesn't have to be hard:

Easy: Always put your cart in the rack at the store when you are done.

Better:  Put other loose carts in the rack.

Extra Mile:  Bring some carts from the parking lot back into the store.

Sometimes making the world nice starts in your very own home:

Clean up after yourself.

Do a household task you don't typically do.

Work with another to clean an area you have been avoiding.

Submit your story using the form below.

How has World Nice touched your life and the lives of others?

Take small steps to add NICE-ness to your daily routine...

First: Open at least 5 doors for others.

Next: Open at least 10 doors for others.

Soon: Open doors at any opportunity you have.

Remember... we want to see photos and hear stories of your experiences! Your NICE-ness could end up on this page!

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Looking for a way to help make the world nice? Try this:

Good:  Give $5 to the local food bank.

Better:  Give $10 to the local food bank.

Best:  Give $15 or more to the local food bank.

What can YOU do to make the world nice?

Talk to a local school and see what needs they have.

Donate items to the school.

Volunteer your time.  Read to children.  Help with a project.

Reach out to help make the world a nicer, safer place:

Introduce yourself to an officer.

Ask what you could do to help community relations.

Take a child to the local police station and give them a chance to meet an officer.

Do you think you're too small to make a positive difference in the world?  You're not!  Even the little nice things you do for others every day can have a big impact.  Your one act may have a ripple effect, and soon others will be doing something nice, too!  Never underestimate the power of being NICE.

I was home during the daylight hours after a snow, and I thought it would be nice to plow my neighbors' sidewalks.  I had a good time, I felt great about the job I did, and the neighbors appreciated it, too!  

-Lee, Minnesota, USA

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