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Who should I nominate?

 ... here are some ideas ...

We're looking for that person in your community who is doing really great things to benefit others...

Is it the person helping kids?

Is it kids helping others?

Is it the person working with the homeless, the poor, or others who are disadvantaged?

Is it the person volunteering at the food shelf or perhaps at a crisis shelter?

Is it the person taking someone in need of a ride to their doctor appointment?

Maybe it's the person who works with troubled youth after school or in the evening.

Maybe it's the person who has successfully united others in difficult times.

Maybe it's the person making blankets, scarves, hats, or mittens to give to those in need.

Maybe they could use a little help with their dreams and their mission.  Please nominate a deserving individual today!

‚ÄčNomination Form

(Complete and submit below, or, if you would prefer, CLICK HERE for a printable version to mail to: World Nice / P. O. Box 10 / Glencoe, MN 55336. If you have questions or concerns about our process, contact us at: